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Over the years I have worked on some really interesting and rewarding projects for a wide range of industries and applications,.  One of the things that I love the most about this type of work is solving the technical issues.  Some of the projects I have worked on include:  gear boxes, yacht rigging, carbon wheels, yacht furlers, crows nest safety equipment, high speed grinding wheels, friction ignition test rigs and sterlising autolaves.

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Rex Bionic Hip

Rex bionics had an issue with the flex of their hip assembly for their prosthetic walking machine. The flex meant the software didn’t know where the feet were which made it difficult for the machine to walk as the feet would hit the ground.

We designed a hip assembly to their weight target while maximizing torsional stiffness. The torsional loads going through the hip are substantial. Our hip design successfully solved the problems and we manufactured this product for many years until production was moved to China.

Carbon Boarding Ladder

Around 2005 a New Zealand company asked me to design a
self-leveling boarding ladder for super yachts. which was light, durable and easily stored.

The carbon parts are autoclave cured. Because of the length we cured the side beams in our autoclave for many years. The top step clipped into a pair of brackets on the toe rail.  The ladder self adjusts to the level of the dock the yacht is alongside.   This was a very innovative design at the time and has been sold for many years.

Carbon Drag Racing Wheel

In 2005 we made a pair carbon fiber drag racing wheels.  We tested the wheels to the American top fuel driving wheel specification and they passed.  The aluminium wheel we tested at the same time failed at only half the test load.

The wheel was 30% lighter than the aluminium wheel it replaced which helped improve acceleration and the performance of the car.  Rolling mass is one and a half times more important than the sprung weight of the car when accelerating.  The car is still racing with these wheels 15 years later.


Pederstal Gear Box

Crows Nest Safety System

Friction Ignition Testing

Carbon Fiber Wheel

Yacht Rigging

High Speed Grinding Wheels

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