Rivers carbon has been involved in many aerospace projects including: spray tanks, cargo pods, ventral fins, rescue winch brackets and covers, spinner and backing plates and a hover pump. In 2006 we made the internal liner for the Westpac BK117 rescue helicopter. It proved to be very successful and since then has been copied by most operators in New Zealand.

Cargo Pod

The cargo pod was taken from a rough plug supplied by the customer to a part ready for the test pilot to spin test in 10 days.  In that time we had to fair the plug, make molds, autoclave a cargo pod and fit it out. 

We worked closely with the designer to specify the materials. I also developed the carbon fiber ventral fin on this aircraft. The picture shows a 6000lb CAA load test. The Pod weighs 70lb.

Bell Mods

We have made Mods for two Bell helicopters which were owned by a wealthy individual. Both required a bulkhead between the luggage and passenger compartment to protect the passengers in the event of an accident. 

The CAA load tested the bulk heads with over a 1000kg and they both passed successfully. All the materials had to pass FRAS 25.853.

Spinner & Backing Plates

In 2006 I designed the laminate and tooling to make the spinners and backing plates for the Alpha 160A. 

The tooling for both the spinner and the backing plate were CNC cut from aluminium. This resulted in the very accurate parts that run perfectly true. An aircraft mechanic who fit the spinners said he has never seen one fit so accurately and without requiring adjustment


Carbon Fiber Winch Frame

Backing Plate Machining Jig

Carbon Fiber Backing Plate With Rivnuts

Belly Tank

Hover Pump

Tundra Boards R44

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