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Our customers regularly give us feedback on the exceptional work we do.  We haven’t put them all on this site but some of their comment are below.

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Queensland Mine

Lightweight Ventilation Tubes


“It’s easy to handle tubes onyour own when previously it would take 2 of us…. It’s also easy to carry the tubes down a road way where before we would have to move them on a vehicle…. To me it is the biggest advance in coal mining in the last 20 years.” –

Miner Queensland



Wheel Hub Protectors for Rigs

Early 2018

Rivers Carbon is a New Zealand based company that I assigned to help develop the “Carbon Fibre” wheel motor covers.

The covers are made from caerospace E-glass material.  Ironically carbon fibre is thermally conductive, electrically conductive and can start to distort at high temperatures hence E-glass was used.

This project achieved several goals:-

  • Light weight – employees exposure to musculoskeletal injury reduced due to a 50% reduction in weight
  • Rigid & strong design – does not deform allowing for longer service life and quicker to fit to the wheel motor
  • Cost neutral – comparable to OEM
  • Composite design – Nomex core sandwiched between E-Glass aerospace material
  • E-Glass inner layer – electrical and thermally insulating and resistant to deformation
  • Withstand high temperatures – covers will not distort and melt onto hot disc brakes and self-extinguishing
  • Stainless steel ventilation mesh – withstand high temperatures and improves disc brake cooling efficiency
  • Thermal barricade – employees are not exposed to hot components preventing potential for serious burns

Queensland Mine

Durable Lightweight Ventilation Tubes


“Tubes that sustain impact can remain in operation and be replaced when convenient. This saves at least one hour of production each time it happens, because a fibreglass tube would collapse and need to be replaced immediately, which would require stopping production.”

Queensland Mine

Durable Lightweight Ventilation Tubes


“There were no injuries sustained in the first six months of use of our tubes whereas fibreglass tubes resulted in an average of five injuries per year”