Rental Options for Ventilation Tubes

When CAPEX is tight but you want the very best in safety for your mine ventilation tubes, Rivers carbon has an OPEX tube rental option.

For tube sizes from 618mm – 900mm we rent tubes by the container for a minimum 2 year period for just a few thousand dollars a month.

It’s an excellent way to spread the cost of these essential items to fit with mine budgets.

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Installation of the extremely strong, ultra lightweight tubes is both fast and injury free – as back and shoulder problems do not occur.

The tubes do not splinter or shatter when broken which prevents the very common hand injuries when working with fibreglass tubes.

An ability to withstand vacuum test of 800mbar or -12psi means the tubes can be used for longer runs resulting in cost savings for the mine without the threat of tube collapse.

If you are not using Rivers Carbon Performance High Flow tubes, it’s time to speak with your Mine Manager and Mine safety officer.

Sizes include diameters of 618mm, 720mm, 760mm and 900mm and lengths of 2.5M or 3M

Product specifications


618mm, 720mm, 760mm, 900mm


2.5M, 3M

Vacuum test

800mbar or -12psi


Carbon fibre woven cloth and epoxy resin

Spec information 1


Spec information 1