Two Autoclaves are on site ready for customer use; designed to cure carbon parts at regulated high pressure and temperature to ensure the absolute highest quality standards.

The first, Autoclave Gilbert, is 13m long – one of the longest in the Southern Hemisphere – and is ideal for components such as masts, rocket parts, high jump poles, helicopter blades, ventillation tubes, monorails and I-Beams.

Both Autoclaves are available to rent and we can usually accommodate short turn around requests – just contact us.

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Autoclave Gilbert

  • Up to 6 ATM and 200C


  • Diameter:       1.3m
  • Length:           13m
  • Floor height: 0.46m
  • Fittings:           .25” to 1” (female)

The second, Autoclave Murray, is a whopping 4m by 2.9m as is ideal for large parts of all descriptions.




Autoclave Murray

  • Up to 5 ATM and 140C


  • Diameter:       2.9m
  • Length:           4.0m
  • Floor height: 0.43m (removable)
  • Fittings:           .25” to 1” (female)

The Rivers Carbon team has extensive expertise in all aspects of Autoclave use and is available to assist from the concept to final product design.