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Rivers Carbon

Rivers Carbon is the carbon fibre composite consultancy & manufacturer that is the "go to" company when there are difficult to solve technical design challenges.

Rivers Carbon has over 35 years worth of engineering experience working with world leading organisations who see the opportunity for carbon fibre & composites to create innovative products that have lower weight, greater strength & allow for higher profit.

We service the mining, aerospace, automotive, autoclave controls, prosthetics & marine industries however carbon fibre & composites are useful in many areas.

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Rivers Carbon has built a range of carbon fibre chassis for classic, electric and race cars.  We help build the chassis for the University of Auckland FSAE series from 2005 to 2018.


Mining Equipment

Rivers Carbon has award wining mining products that are known for industry leading safety, cost effectiveness and breaking production records.


Engineered Solutions

Rivers Carbon has designed and produced a wide range of innovative products like: prosthetics, sail furlers, carbon wheels, yacht rigging and grinding disks.



Innovative carbon fiber custom componentry for high performance superyachts and high speed racing  yachts

Aero Space

Rivers carbon have worked with a variety of aerospace companies to produce solutions for body parts, skis, rotor blades and more.

Autoclave Control

Rivers Carbon is a manufacturer of carbon laminated products and as such we have relationships with multiple suppliers across 

Terry Sinclair –Development Superintendent for Xstrata
In 2010 we were having trouble with collapsing ventilation tubes. We had tried every supplier of vent tubes but they didn’t solve the problem without making the tubes so heavy that we then had shoulder and back injuries. I contacted Graeme Rivers and asked him to come to see us. He developed a tube and started suppling us a very light weight tube. Oaky North reduced their total mine injury rate by 30% by using his vent tubes which was unheard of. With Graeme’s tubes we set production records and we won the Queensland Mine Safety Peoples Choice Award 2012.
Rick Hacket – CEO, KZ Marine
I have worked with Graeme on a number of projects since meeting him in 1999 when he was a designer of yacht rigging for Marten Marine and then Southern Spars. Graeme has a brilliant engineering mind and has a unique ability to come up with smart solutions for even the most complex problems. He thinks differently to others which is why I can give him a brief of what I need and know that he will come up with great results. In addition, with all of his experience and knowledge he can complete design jobs faster than others, which helps with the budget.
David Brims – Manager, Vtex Mining Solutions
From the first phone call back in 2016 Vtex to our weekly phone catchups Vtex has always held Rivers Carbon in high regard. Graeme has the can-do attitude that we are looking for in our business partnerships. The Rivers Carbon products are simply the pinnacle of quality and when we are dealing with BHP Mining we don’t need to be second guessing our suppliers quality and service. If you are searching for a composite company that provides Best service, Best Products and Best practice save your time searching – you have found them in Rivers Carbon.
Barry Tavinor – Senior Engineer, Marsden Point Oil Refinery
I have known Graeme Rivers for over 40 years. During this time I have worked with him as a Fitter, Turner and Machinist. Graeme is an excellent tradesman who has international experience working in a variety of engineering and design roles. He has run his own business and has worked with design and creation of carbon fibre composite products and services throughout the world. He has worked with companies like Rocketlab, Team New Zealand and other America’s cup syndicates, and Australian Mining Companies looking for unique solutions for their business challenges. Not only is Graeme a highly intelligent individual who can design and create anything from nothing, he is also trustworthy, diligent and ensures that a job is completed on time and to a high standard. I would highly recommend Graeme for any engineering or design requests.
CM - Team New Zealand
Graeme cured all of our autoclave cured parts for our foils and rudders. He was very helpful and we could not have produced the quality of parts we did without his knowledge and access to his autoclaves.
PH – Technical Specialist CITIC Pacific Mining
I just wanted to let you know we had a truck absolutely cook the rear brakes and the 6300 cover’s did really well. The cinders from the brakes did not burn the cover or melt it like I have seen them do to the alloy cover in the past. I am very happy how they held up and the best bit is they did not burn or melt. That was the main outcome we wanted to prevent with removing the Plastic covers from the MT4400 and MT3300.
Senior Manager – BHP Broad Meadow
Rivers Carbon has been supplying ventilation tubes and accessories to us since 2017. Using their new design we haven’t had any injuries which is critical and they just don’t break. We are the highest performing BHP mine and so are regularly visited by other mines to find out why. The quality of the tubes are an integral part of our success.
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Carbon Fiber | Carbon fiber consultancy | carbon fiber composites consultancy | Consultant | Carbon fiber engineering | Carbon Fibre | Carbon fibre consultancy | carbon fibre composites consultancy | Consultant | Carbon fibre engineering |